Working with CAKE

Become a marketing client of CAKE, and you’ll gain an enthusiastic ally who is invested in your business’s success. We’ll ease your mind, serve you well, and do great work.

You, as a client, are also part of the success equation. With a spirit of partnership, we can have a long, mutually happy marketing marriage. Here’s what each of us needs to bring to the table:

What you need to have:

An excellent product or service


  • Know your business goals
  • Know specifically how your business will make money


  • For marketing expenditures we recommend
  • To pay CAKE on time for our work

Time; you or your team needs time:

  • To provide information & content
  • To give feedback & answer questions


  • Provide candid feedback
  • Share helpful information
  • Be open about budget so we can help you make good decisions

Spirit of partnership:

  • Remember we’re in this together; once you’re a CAKE client, our success is intertwined with yours
  • Be ready to meet challenges and celebrate successes together

What CAKE has for you:


  • Programming power
  • Design prowess
  • Creative content ideas
  • Problem solving abilities
  • Marketing know-how


  • We’ve seen a lot over the years and share that experience with clients
  • We choose effective tactics over trendy ones
  • We are able to deal with your marketing issues calmly and effectively

Dedication to client work:

  • Love of quality
  • Curiosity to explore and discover effective methods for each market
  • Competitive drive on client’s behalf

We’re nice:

  • We listen thoughtfully
  • We’re worthy of trust (ask our clients; many have been with us 10+ years)
  • We’re both sweet and serious; we love our work and clients, and we are devoted to being effective

No matter which marketing firms you are interviewing, you can use the above list to help determine what is important to you. Making a wishlist of what traits you want in a marketing firm can help you gain clarity and make a good hire.

And clients with the qualities listed above are much more likely to get high quality work from their marketing firm. For another perspective from someone at the top of the field, check out Brian Fetherstonhaugh’s post on The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Clients. (It’s so good it inspired us to make this page.)

Contact us using the form below if you have suggestions for working together more effectively. We’d be glad to hear your perspective.