Inspire Customers & Grow Your Audience

Feel like your e-mail newsletters are a little ho-hum, or that you are not getting the response you’d expect from your efforts? Or are you ready to reach out to your contact list via e-mail and want to start off on the right foot? CAKE can help your e-mail marketing sing.

We want people to actually look forward to your newsletters, knowing opening them can bring a little sunshine and happiness to their day. Our secret is simple: we put a whole lot of love into our e-mail marketing work.

We start by designing smart-looking, super mobile-friendly e-mail templates that properly reflect your brand. We then fill each newsletter with quality content and sweet images. We’ll also rev up your calls to action and continually tune your subject lines to increase open rates.

Count on us to be sure the technical aspects are up to snuff too: we’ll be sure you can readily track the effects of your e-mail marketing through integration with your Google Analytics. We will also make sure new people can easily sign up for your newsletters on your Facebook page or your website, and be automatically added to your mailing list

Exceeding industry averages

By putting so much care into each e-mail campaign, CAKE’s open and click-through rates substantially exceed industry averages. We know because we watch our stats and constantly work to make each campaign better.

Still wondering if e-mail marketing is worth your time or a piece of your budget? Check out this great article at Inc.’s site, The Top 5 Reasons E-mail Marketing Still Works. The first point alone, reaching mobile customers, is a big reason to make the leap. Contact us to learn more; we want to hear about your goals and help you benefit from e-mail marketing.