Cake is a full-service marketing firm.

Cake works to help our clients reach the right audience in all senses of the word. Our 17 talented staffers together design captivating visuals, invent brilliant tactics, extract rich meaning from statistics, write irresistible headlines, program sweet user interfaces, and respond thoughtfully and creatively to client needs. A small and nimble agency, we use our talents to help clients increase leads & sales.

Cake has grown by word-of-mouth, and we appreciate all the kind words that have been said about us over the years. We love you too!

An intelligent, measured approach to marketing

We don’t like waste. We love effective marketing. Cake approaches marketing with a healthy dose of skepticism, choosing what works best rather than what’s trendy. We continually hone our methods to support your business’ success.

Cake’s work is carefully tailored to meet your individual needs. By devoting our time and energy toward looking—really looking—at both the opportunities and the challenges your individual business faces, we provide a strong return on your marketing investment.

Clark and Aimee

Clark Mackey & Aimee Ellingsen, Co-Owners of Cake

Aimee began designing and coding websites in 1996 and founded Cake in 2001. Clark started his SEO career in 1999 and later formed his own SEO consulting & marketing firm. They joined forces in 2010, after finding out they saw eye to eye on some key issues: Quality, Integrity, and Being Nice.

Don’t hire us.

If you’re searching for the cheapest option, or want to try every new gambit and social outlet before it’s proven, don’t hire us. If you want to hang out with your provider in a shiny booth at industry conventions, that’s another reason not to hire us. If you want your team to text you back at 9 PM on Saturday night, choose someone else.

Hire us.

If you want a trustworthy group of people to help you succeed long-term, with smart tactics and without hype, we’re your firm. We feel personally invested in our clients’ success and will earn your trust through being smart, creative, and hardworking. We have numerous clients who have been with us 10+ years, knowing they can count on Cake to smartly manage their marketing through various trends as well as economic ups and downs.

About working with Cake

Before you hire us or any marketing firm, check out this helpful page about working with Cake. It’s not just about us: it can help you gain clarity about what you value in a firm and thus make a good hire.