What you say is key to your conversion rates

Bask in the benefits of great writing! People truly do read, and it does matter. (We know because we’ve tested content changes and seen the impact.) And so, with smarts, creativity, tact, and persistence, we write content that sings with quality.

If you want to understand just how valuable better messaging and content can be in a site, check out this diagram from Ben Hunt, author of Convert!. In his comparison of 50 A/B tests, those that included text content changes had a much greater effect on conversion rates—in fact, text changes were exponentially more powerful. Don’t get us wrong: design is important, and it should be noted the sites he used for testing probably didn’t have any significant design problems. But once your site’s design is in order, content is the way to get your next boost in conversion rates.

We Love Writing

We love that we get to write bunches of content for client websites, as well as for our search marketing clients every month in the form of blog posts. Check out some of our favorite work:

Blogging highlights:
Websites with full content services provided by CAKE:

Getting Inside the Heads of Customers

We think of writing somewhat differently from typical online marketing firms. While we keep up with best practices, our writing is not guided solely by marketing factoids (such as a listicle will have X click-through rate). We instead start by considering what is going on in this customer’s head and then work to have empathy for them. This results in more robust content that truly speaks to the intended audience.

Questions we ask ourselves include:
  • Is this title clear? Is the content of this piece fulfilling the title’s promise? (Great titles abound online, but the content must fulfill that promise to succeed.)
  • Are the subheadings making what is contained within the content clear? Are they helping people’s eyes to track through the piece as they scroll? Do they enable readers to easily answer their questions?
  • Is this piece of content the right length for the topic? Are there any redundancies? Can we remove fluff and better make our points? (People will read quite a bit online, but they want solid information, efficiently provided.)
  • Would I bookmark this piece of content? Pass it on? Return to it for reference?

In sum, we are bursting with creative ideas and want to make content your website superhero. Contact us to start the conversation!