Custom Programming & Hosting Services

From responsive websites to WordPress plugins, CAKE is ready to meet your programming needs.

Responsive Website Programming

We program our designs to adapt to any size screen your visitors happen to have, giving equal love to how our sites look and function on mobile devices. CAKE primarily develops sites in WordPress, and additionally offers online store setup and customization. Our programming team is skilled in HTML, CSS, PHP, AJAX, and jQuery as well as server tuning and administration to support a well-programmed site.

Plugin Development

CAKE has developed various plugins for our clients’ specialty needs, including a gallery plugin that supersedes all the existing WordPress gallery plugins in the marketplace. Our galleries allow for easy photo additions to any categories your business requires and gives visitors the ability to sort images by various parameters and mark their favorites, giving people a retail-style gallery experience.


We also love to add a little magic to our websites by programming custom functions. Check out these examples:

Got ideas for a special feature that will help your customers? Or just like the idea of a special feature, but need helping thinking of what would be useful to your audience? Talk to us; we’d be glad to help.

A/B Testing, aka Conversion Rate Optimization

Our programming team has years of experience applying A/B tests. To learn more, check out our page all about A/B testing and Conversion Rate Optimization.


CAKE’s programming team also has wide experience in e-commerce, ranging from the simplest of PayPal checkouts, to custom designed Shopify carts, to multi-store Magento installs. Whatever your needs may be, we can recommend solutions, then configure an attractive & robust online store to meet your needs.


If your website is moving too slowly, it’s hurting your rankings and killing your conversion rates. Google wants the sites they present in the SERPs to be fast, and customers don’t have the patience to wait for a site to download when they can just hop to another. Thus, each second of delay in load time chops off a large percentage of potential customers.

We love hosting our client sites so we can tune the environment to increase speed. If your site is running slowly at peak times, talk to us. We’ll solve it with the right hosting environment to deliver your site’s content at the speed your customers and Google require.