What You Need to Think About Before Hiring a “Web Designer”

What type of car do you drive, and what do you intend to accomplish today when you drive it? In my case, I drive a Toyota Highlander. And today I intend for it to get me to and from the office, as well as pick up some groceries on the way home.

If it were to break down, I’d still get home; I might even find a way to get the groceries. And then I’d want a mechanic to repair it for a reasonable price, with the main goal of getting it rolling again without overspending on the fix.

But what if my car’s job was to win a race every day, and my entire financial livelihood depended on winning that race? Would I hire the same mechanic or even drive the same car?

No; to win a race, you drive the fastest vehicle possible, and you hire a support crew who knows how to win.

Now let’s talk websites. Your website is likely even more important than your business’s physical location. Your website is in a race each day to help connect you with a limited number of customers. For some, the website is the only contact a customer will have; for others, it’s merely your initial point of contact. Who’s winning the race in your market today? And is your crew good enough to compete?

If your website is important to your financial future, don’t just hire a web designer. Instead, hire a marketing agency like CAKE. We’ll put our whole crew to work for you.

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